Sunday, 22 September 2013

A generally bright and sunny morning was enveloped with a large roll cloud coving the island from about 2pm.

There was no sign at dawn of the male Red-breasted Flycatcher at Nant, however, the Common Rosefinch is still in residence at the Chapel.

A Barn Owl was seen pre-dawn in the Observatory Garden and again later at Nant and then in the Observatory's generator shed! 

A passage of swallows happened mid day when over 500 moved south in about an hour.

In the evening the year's second Turtle Dove was seen around the Nant area. The first Mistle Thrush and Reed Bunting for the autumn were seen in the morning

Other migrants included about 20 Goldcrests and a Spotted Flycatcher on what was generally a rather disappointing  day for migrants in general.

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  1. HI Ben I won't mind seeing 20 Goldcrests. They are a lovely little bird