Monday, 7 October 2013

A fresh wind from the south seemed to have put a stop to any significant movements or arrivals of common migrants on the island, although there were some nice scarcities around. A single Yellow-browed Warbler was seen at Nant in the early morning, which is around the 16th so far this year.

Out to sea, the third Sabine's Gull of the year was seen in the late afternoon amongst some Kittiwakes off the North End. As well as this oceanic wanderer, an excellent count of 20 Mediterranean Gulls was recorded, a Red-breasted Merganser stopped off in Solfach mid-morning, and a Great Skua also flew South.

 About 20 Chiffchaffs were scattered around the island in the vegetated areas

The adult Sabine's Gull. (c) Steve Stansfield
 A single Knot has been around the Narrows for the last few days (c) Steve Stansfield
 Yesterday's Yellow-browed Warbler (c) Pete Howlett
 Three of the Rock Pipits that were trapped yesterday. Some of the birds looked to be of the race littoralis, although we can not tell for certain. (c) Chris Piner

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