Tuesday, 8 October 2013

A thick carpet of mist had descended upon the island overnight, although it broke up a little in the morning, before clearing off completely at midday. The few common migrants that had been grounded by the mist moved off rapidly when it cleared, although a couple of nice birds brightened up the day.
At about midday, the third Wryneck of the year was found near the Plantation, and gave good views as it sat out in the open on the fence posts. After a short while the bird flew east up the mountainside above Nant. A cracking Firecrest and a Yellow-browed Warbler were also seen around the Plantation area, along with at least 35 Goldcrests and 14 Blackcaps.

There were a couple of puzzling sightings during the day too. The first was a brief view of a large grey sylvia on the mountainside above Nant, which may have been a Barred Warbler. The second was of a possible Red-breasted Flycatcher in Ty Nesaf garden. A bird was heard giving the harsh 'tseck' call in the pines here (sounding very much like a Red-breasted Flycatcher- or rarer!), and what could have been a flycatcher was also seen briefly.

 The very smart Wryneck at Nant. The third of the year so far.
A poor record shot showing the very unusual initial pose of the Wryneck when it was first found!

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