Wednesday, 9 October 2013

The wind took a to the North-west during the night, and had picked up to gale force by midday. Despite the conditions, there were very few seabirds seen out to sea during the day, with four Arctic Skuas and six Mediterranean Gulls the pick of the lot.
Things were a little more entertaining inland, with a superb Yellow-browed Warbler showing very well at Ty Pellaf all day, and some very brief glimpses of a Red-breasted Flycatcher at Cristin- now at least the fourth of the autumn! An owl flushed from Cristin garden could have been either a Short-eared or a Long-eared Owl, although giving the circumstances it is most likely to be the latter. 

 This cracking Yellow-browed Warbler spent the day feeding alongside Goldcrests in the Apple Trees of Ty Pellaf and Dynogoch Garden
Maybe as many as 17 different Yellow-browed Warblers have been seen so far this autumn. The average arrival date for Yellow-browed on Bardsey is 4th October and we usually get up to about 12 records. There have been 132 previous records on the island, 76 of which have been trapped and ringed prior to this year. Bottom (c) Steve Stansfield
 A Goldcrest demonstrating its extreme agility- when feeding they often hang upside down on the underneath of branches or leaves, sometime hanging on merely with its claws. This bird is simply clinging onto the leaf itself!
At least 10 Goldcrests spent the day feeding in Ty Pellaf garden, along with the Yellow-browed Warbler