Thursday, 10 October 2013

Choughs foraging on solfach

(c) Mark Carter

A very chilly day with the continued northerly wind saw a small movement of passerine migrants in the morning, although generally it was a quiet day. at least three Lapland Buntings flew overhead during the morning, along with 51 Skylarks, 117 Meadow Pipits and a Grey Wagtail. The first few Redwings of the autumn made an appearance in a few scattered flock, with a total of 22 birds seen during the day. 

The highlight of the day came in the form of four Barnacle Geese, which were seen on the rocks on the Narrows, before flying off Northward. These represent the 18th record of this species on the island, the last sighting being in 2006!

 Raptors were well represented today, with two Kestrels (above), two Sparrowhawks, a Merlin and a Peregrine seen
The Barnacle Geese
In the days before it was realised that birds migrate, this goose was thought to start life as Goose Barnacles growing on driftwood. This may be because none had ever seen its nest, although this comes as no surprise considering they breed in the Arctic!
There are still plenty of Grey Seal pups appearing around the island's coast

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