Thursday, 7 November 2013

The 6th and 7th proved to be fairly quiet days bird wise. 

6th: The 5 Whooper Swans from the past couple of days still remained on one of the ponds with the resident Moorhens in close attendance, whether the swans are stirring up food the Moorhens cannot normally access remains to be seen but wherever the Whooper Swans were on the pond the Moorhens feeding amongst them. 

Elsewhere, on the beaches 4 Mallard, 8 Purple Sandpipers 4 Redshank and 8 Turnstones were seen. Around the narrows 35 Curlew were present with one 1 Wimbrel.

A small passage of thrushes of 19 Song Thrushes and 5 Redwing were present around the island, including this stunning individual trapped at the observatory..... 

A Redwinbg of the Turdus Iliacus Coburni form, Icelandic Redwing, a much darker and longer winged bird

7th: A small number of Chaffinches passed over in the early morning along with 7 Skylards, 1 Greenfinch and 6 Goldfinches. 1 Grey Heron was present at the north end, 2 Kestrels hunted over the lowlands, 1 Merlin passed by the south end and the first Wood Pigeon for a while passed over the plantation,, unfortunately the Whooper Swans looked to have moved on after being on the island for a few days. On the beach 28 rock fed along with 35 Chough, some local some birds from the mainland.

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