Monday, 18 November 2013

Well, there have been very few updates to the blog in the past few weeks. Ben, our usual 'blogger' has been sunning himself catching Crab Plovers and the like in Kenya, however, he is back in the UK today and back on the island in a few days time when normal service will resume.

We have left the island for a while to go to meetings. Mark is off for the winter and will return next year. Chris, our long term volunteer is also off the island and back in the north-west (probably twitching!)

However, we have to say goodbye the three folk for the last time this year.

Firstly Dafydd Crabtree who has been on the island all year as the BITL volunteer coordinator. Dafydd, a trained botanist is hoping to find work in Bonnie Scotland next year.

Secondly, after seven years as BITL's island Warden, Emyr Roberts is leaving us. He is moving just over the water to Rhiw, the large hill that can bee seen to the east on the Mainland (where the telecoms masts are). Emyr will be working for the National Trust looking after two properties there.

Finally, after five years (three as full time BBFO Assistant) Steve Hinde has decided that Bardsey is too flat for him and he is missing the mountains! We have to say a sad goodbye to Steve who will be very much missed by all the staff, residents and guests who either live on Bardsey or just visit. Steve is looking to do some work on mountain birds in Scotland next summer, though is planning on returning to volunteer for us for a short while. Thanks for all the work you have done over the years Steve

Good luck to all three of those who are 'leaving for good'.

Everyone leaving!
from left: Dafydd, Emyr, Chris, Jo Porter (Not leaving, just going to Manchester airport to collect Ben!), Connor and Emma (Behind) Steve and Mark.

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