Thursday, 13 November 2014

Howling south easterlies and persistent rain have been taking their toll on the counts of birds on the island with most species including resident birds becoming inconspicuous. A Short-eared Owl was spotted on the side of the mountain as it flew from the bracken and headed north up the island. A small number of Kittiwakes and Black-headed Gulls accompanied by 9 Common Gulls were seen off the coast. A number of Gulls, mostly Herring Gulls have been frequenting the rain ponds on the narrows where they have been bathing, 45 were present there today.

One Chiffchaff, one Goldcrest and a very small number of the resident species were counted whilst two Song Thrushes, two Redwings and two Blackbirds were the only Thrushes to be seen today, these were all sheltering in the gardens and thick vegetation.

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