Tuesday, 11 November 2014

There was very little in the way of new migrants even with the slight drop in winds, more easterly direction and occasional showers that could have the potential to ground new migrating birds. However a very smart first winter Grey Phalarope was found on the beach pattering by the shoreline where there was floating seaweed and vegetation for it to feed amongst.

The bird was initially very flighty at high tide when the waves were breaking almost over the top of the bird. As the tide went out the bird settled on one of the flood pools on the narrows and became very approachable and a mist net was dropped over the bird.

The Phalarope was latter caught and became the fourth to be ringed on Bardsey following the last one in 2009. The bird was returned to the pool after ringing where it swam off and continued to feed and preen.

In other news further north on rest of the island it was generally quiet with the odd Chiffchaff, Skylark, Common Snipe and Goldcrest seen. Around the narrows the Curlew flock had now increased to around 60 birds, 344 Starling mingled around the grassy areas in loose flocks, a single Lapwing, Grey Heron and Hooded Crow were also present.

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