Thursday, 18 June 2015

After something of a respite in the bunting twitch yesterday due to bad weather, it was full steam ahead today, and a further 97 visiting birders were able to connect with this stunning visitor. Boats were run by Colin Evans from 0530 through to late afternoon, and many happy boat loads of birders were ferried back and forth. The Cretzschmar's Bunting itself performed well, showing up on its little seed stash for a few minutes every hour or so. Boat times for the tomorrow are re-posted above, for those that have booked in and are confirmed to be arriving. A big thanks to Lee Evans for taking the trouble of organising everyone into these trips, and thus relieving a massive workload from observatory staff and the boatman.

In other news... a single Swift flew over the south end, a Little Owl showed well at the North End, two Black Guillemots were present in Nant Valley, a Spotted Flycatcher arrived onto the rocks in Henllwyn, and two Red-veined Darters were seen.

Cretzschmar's Bunting- more images of this awesome bird on

Thrift Clearwings are present in small numbers on the south end

Purple Bar

The Spectacle


  1. These are wonerful shots of the Cretzschmar's Bunting. Cretzschmar's Bunting

  2. Hi Steve,

    Many thanks for all your help in giving so many people the opportunity to see this wonderful bird, it's greatly appreciated. After mentioning to you yesterday that I would leave the pheromone I remembered that I need it in conjunction with another one to attract another species of clearwing. Thankfully it appears that you didn't need it judging by the gripping photos (enter envious smilie here!). Most flying insects were just starting to take to the wing as we got back to the 10 o'clock boat yesterday so we were probably just a bit early. A Rush Veneer was on the bank near the quay.

    Thanks again to you and your staff (and Ben etc) as well as both Mr Evans.

  3. Forgot to mention something else which I saw yesterday - a rather gorgeous Blue Jellyfish which was by the slipway. It was about 10cm in diameter, somewhat smaller than the massive Barrel Jellyfish which have appeared on beaches down here in Dorset in huge numbers recently.