Friday, 19 June 2015

Bunting Twitch for Sat 20 June


Boats Depart Port Meudwy

Boat 1 Depart 0530 - Arrives Bardsey 0600 --- Departs Bardsey 1150

Boat 2 Depart 0630 - Arrives Bardsey 0700 --- Departs Bardsey 1250

Boat 3 Depart 0730 - Arrives Bardsey 0800 --- Departs Bardsey 1350

Boat 4 Depart 0830 - Arrives Bardsey 0900 --- Departs Bardsey 1450

Boat 5 Depart 0930 - Arrives Bardsey 1000 --- Departs Bardsey 1650

To be able to move all the week staying visitors and get 60 birders to the island, Colin has had to extend birders stay on the island and you will need to depart after c6 hours. However, we can only accommodate MAX 36 birders at the bunting site, so we will stagger viewings during the morning. We will need your co-operation on site on Saturday. Boats 1-3 will be asked to leave the site in order to let boats 4-5 see the bird (assuming you have seen it.) Once all birders have had a chance to see the bird we can try and rotate viewings until your scheduled departure times. It is NOT POSSIBLE to get all 60 birders in the very small viewing space at any one time, so your co-operation and patience will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance - Steve

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