Thursday, 28 January 2016

A change in Auk numbers today which saw Razorbill as the most numerous Auk off the west coast, 29 Razorbills and just 13 Guillemots. 13 Kittiwakes also drifted south with two Fulmars, a single Black-headed Gull and Cormorant.

No Bullfinch today, although one could deduce that in the weather of the past days it is still taking shelter on the island somewhere! A Woodpigeon, seemingly the only one on the island at the moment, shot out of the plantation. Two Goldcrests, two Blackbirds, two Robins, three Wrens and two Moorhens were noted around Nant.

The remains of a recently deceased Magpie, including upper mandible, we can only guess as to the cause death. Predation by Sparrowhawk?
Eighteen Choughs and a Raven over the mountain and lowlands most of the morning gave fantastic views as they effortlessly used the winds to carry themselves low over the buildings as they moved around. The gathering of Mallards on the ponds over recent days was now only six birds.

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