Wednesday, 27 January 2016

A continuation of the strong south westerly winds today again creating some very impressive waves with battered the coasts.

Battling their way south out at sea were 282 Guillemots, 3 Razorbills, four Gannets, seven Fulmars and seven Kittiwakes. Whilst conducting the sea watch, cowering behind one of the walls of the houses at the north end, the soft "pyu" of a Bullfinch was heard again as it got closer and closer before landing in the garden where it only stayed for a matter of seconds before taking flight again. Unfortunately this time the bird was not seen and only heard, so it was not determined if it was the same individual as a few days ago or not, the likelihood is that it was probably the same bird however. 40 Herring Gulls and a Greater Black-backed Gull were scattered throughout the north end fields feeding and 25 Mallards took shelter on the ponds.

Very little else was noted for the rest of the day, most wildlife wisely kept hidden and silent.

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