Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Gale force winds battered the island today from the north, bringing chilly winds, rough seas and a lot of sea spray!

Battling their way south throughout the day was an impressive number of Auks amounting too 1882 Guillemots and 200 Razorbills at the end of the day. Nine Gannets, two Fulmars, seven Kittiwakes, three Cormorants and three Shags were also seen off the coasts.

A lone Dunlin was a new arrival on Henllwyn where it spent the day. 22 Curlews, eight Redshanks, 13 Turnstones, six Lesser Black-backed Gulls, eight Greater Black-backed Gulls and a large proportion of the 122 Oystercatchers seen today were also present around the Narrows.

The strong winds made for difficult detection of anything that was inhabiting the islands land. The Firecrest pipped away on the mountainside above the plantation where two Goldcrests were also heard but not seen. Eight Woodpigeons, a Starling which narrowly escaped the clutches of one of the resident Peregrines, of which two were seen today, four Chaffinches and 19 Linnets. Just north of the Nant area at the north end Gull colony 110 Herring Gulls occupied the slopes.

Three Mottled Grey's and the first Hebrew Character of the year were the only moths trapped at the plantation over a very blustery night.

Hebrew Character

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