Friday, 24 June 2016

A brace of Crossbills, a male and a female, put in a brief appearance at The Plantation in the morning. The male even burst into song at the tops of the pines.

Whilst ringing and monitoring seabirds on the East Side an attempt was made to play Storm Petrel tape into some of the crevices nearby. It proved to be a huge success with 15 individual responses. Considering the tiny area checked one can only imagine how many are hiding in the debris on the whole of the East Side. The last full census was in 2001 and well overdue.

A good count of 84 Gannets were at sea, as were one Black-headed Gull and two Sandwich Terns, whilst counts inland total to one Grey Heron, two Ringed Plovers, one Collared Dove, and 26 Choughs.

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