Monday, 6 June 2016

Mixed weather today with sudden torrential showers book-ending a mostly sweltering day of sunshine. A few new birds made landfall overnight making the day even more enjoyable. A bird singing for long periods in the Cristin garden in deep foliage provided most of the day’s interest. The bird refused to leave the undergrowth and despite eager eyes scouring the bushes all day it refused to show itself. With it’s loud, flutey, and almost Whimbrel-like song, the current consensus is of Radde’s Warbler! A short recording of the song has been taken in the hope to clear up this mystery in due course.

A pair of Reed Warblers singing away at Cristin and Nant were obvious migrants whilst further warblers recorded amounted to three Sedge Warblers, two Whitethroats, six Blackcaps, three Chiffchaffs, and one Willow Warbler. In addition, counts of 2613 Manx Shearwaters, 25 Turnstones, one Sandwich Tern, one Cuckoo, two Swifts, three Spotted Flycatchers, and one Lesser Redpoll were recorded.

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