Saturday, 1 July 2017

As it was changeover day, little coverage of the island was made. However, it was obvious that Curlews are starting to build up to impressive numbers now, with 45 seen today. Three Redshanks and a Whimbrel were all that was amongst them on the Narrows. Meanwhile, a female Goldcrest in the Obs Garden was a bit unusual and quite possibly a fresh arrival, given the last sighting of the female that probably tried to oversummer was in 26 May. We couldn't see if it had a ring on its leg on the brief views, which would have sorted the question, but it hasn't been seen since (up to the 3rd) so was probably just moving through.

236 Grey Seals was one of the highest counts we've had for a while, but otherwise very little of note was seen!
Grey Seals- Elliot Monteith

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