Thursday, 26 September 2019

Today was the start of some prolonged windy and wet weather. The wind was from the south west and picked up in strength towards the evening up to 30mph. 

Birds were few and far between with both little time spent in the field and any passerines taking shelter in the nearest patch of scrub. New waders in included two Purple Sandpipers, two Dunlins and a count of 26 Turnstones which seems to be changing on a daily basis at the moment as they head south. A couple of flocks of House Martins were seen moving in the blowy conditions. 

The seals are still in pupping season and the weather has no effect on them giving birth. Even in these conditions more pups are turning up everyday and the total count is up to 25. This is only around half way through the total number of pups we will see this year. 

Mum number 25 shortly after giving birth looking at her pup

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