Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Not much better today than yesterday where the weather was concerned! So for some it was another indoor day entering data.

The view from the office... not a day for cutting down gorse!

...have coffee, will enter data!

Emma spent quite some time tidying and cleaning the ringing lab after I had fitted a new 30w daylight white LED panel in there. Wow it makes a huge difference now we can see.

let there be light...

On the bird front, Five Manx Shearwaters shows how windy it was today! At sea there were 98 Gannets, Kittiwakes were in larger numbers with 219 seen. A Guillemot passed the South End and 296 Razorbills flew past various points.  There was no sign of the Little Egret but a single Heron was present  again.

A Buzzard and Peregring tussled at the north end of the mountain, and a Merlin was on the West Coast. Oystercatchers numbers crept up to 42 and two Purple Sandpipers were seen along with 57 Turnstones, 15 Redshanks and 42 Curlews. 

Passerines were in very short supply - A Song Thrush was at the Observatory along with a Redwing, with another two tseeping over after dark. A Chiffchaff and three Goldcrests braved the weather. Four Siskins and 25 Goldfinches made up the best of the finches.

The wind died a little in the evening and gave a bit of an odd sunset.

Looking west from the Obs

and looking south through the rain!

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