Friday, 7 May 2021

The wind was still calm and from the Northwest with clear skies and a mild temperature. It was clear that Swallows were on the move with 59 seen across the island with the majority at the South End. At one point a Swift, Swallow, Sand Martin and House Martin were all seen flying past front of the Observatory. Two Spotted Flycatchers were seen at Nant and a Garden Warbler lived up to its name and was forging in the front garden of the Observatory. Two Red Kites were seen circling over the Mountain and a Yellow Wagtail was seen flying over Solfach in the evening.

Thrift on Pen Cristin

There were many signs of breeding during the daily census this morning including another Stonechat pair feeding young and a Whitethroat nest building at Nant. The nets were opened briefly in the afternoon at Nant and the Observatory Garden. A male Whitethroat was ringed at Nant and a Blackcap and Willow Warbler were ringed at the Observatory. 

Due to forecast high winds, guest change over day was a day early. We hoped Jeff and Richard enjoyed their visit and a big thank you for all the birds they shared with us. It was also sad to say goodbye to Fiona after she has been volunteering for us since the start of April. She has made the Observatory garden look fantastic. Steve and Emma also left the island today in order to receive their first Covid-19 vaccinations and have a short holiday. We welcomed Steve and Jean into the South side of the Observatory. 

Fiona working hard in the Observatory front garden

Flower beds in the Observatory front garden

East Side from the boat

Birds today: two Red Kites, 11 Whimbrels, four Turnstones, two Collared Doves, one Swift, one Sand Martin, 59 Swallows, one House Martin, one Yellow Wagtail, one White Wagtail, 17 Wheatears, nine Sedge Warblers, two Whitethroats, two Garden Warblers, four Blackcaps, two Chiffchaffs, six Willow Warblers, two Spotted Flycatchers, nine Goldfinches, two Lesser Redpolls

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