Wednesday, 27 October 2021

Last night saw our final Curry-night of the season - a small affair, with just me, Emma and Connor, along with Alison and Fiona around at our house. It was a nice evening and the food was rather nice, even if I do say so myself as I did all the cooking!

two hungry ladies!
Many curries!

So about today, well the weather was just simply awful!!!

we needed this rain in July!

The wind blew hard all day and did not drop below force 7 (35mp)  and was gusting force 10 at times!

Average Force 8, gusting Force 10!

its brisk out there

Tomorrow looks like a repeat of today - but with even more rain! Still the weekend looks good for the remaining Alison and Fiona, along with Stuart and Megan to get off. 

Whilst Fiona was washing curtains, Emma was continuing to sort our house ready for shut-down. 
Curtains all washed and re-hung to dry 

and upstairs

and cushion covers too

Stuart and Megan were finalising their paperwork and digitising the breeding bird maps. I spent the day (after writing the blog posts for the past couple of days) collating all the Census Log data up to the End of September, and converting it into a format that we can then view on screen to begin writing the Systematic list along with the Non-Avian sections.

Lots of data - Many thousands of records are now ready to be analysed

Ringing data spreadsheet updated and ready to take this year's data

There were not many birds of note - I certainly did not venture out and saw very little coming to the feeders in the garden, two Siskins joined the four Great tits. A couple of Gannets battled into the wind on one of the few occasions we could see the sea!

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