Monday, 20 June 2022

Today saw a small influx of migrant lepidoptera to the Island with a range of day-flying moths and butterflies, including a Bordered Straw, three Hummingbird hawk-moths, a Rush Veneer, and three Painted Ladys. Bird movement stayed fairly quiet, with a Siskin and Lesser Redpoll all that were of note.

Bordered Straw © Ollie King

Most of the afternoon was spent finishing off another grid square of the Manx Shearwater census, which is showing roughly the same increase in burrow numbers of ~30%! Once the square was done we came back round to the Obs and started the first monitoring work on the Manxie chicks, where we take weight and wing length measurements once a week to monitor their growth rates. At the moment the chicks are tiny fluffballs! 

Weighing a young Manxie chick © Ed Betteridge

Manxie chick © Ollie King

Manxie chick © Ollie King

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