Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Although there seemed to be little new in the morning, small numbers of migrants seemed to arrive throughout the day. By far the most interesting find was a stunning leucistic Wheatear near Pen Cristin that spent the day with a small group of normal wheatears and pipits. A Grasshopper Warbler was seen in the morning, but a further 11 turned up in the afternoon, mostly on the South End. Counts of other warblers came to one Reed Warbler, two Garden Warblers, six Blackcaps, 36 Chiffchaffs, five Willow Warblers and 17 Goldcrests, while other migrant passerines included 37 Wheatears, two Song Thrushes, two Spotted Flycatchers, three Great Tits, two Blue Tits, 71 Goldfinches and a Reed Bunting. Three Lapland Buntings and nine Skylarks flew south in the morning, a Great Spotted Woodpecker and a Water Rail were still present and 12 Wigeons flew by at sea.

Dunnock (c) Steve Stansfield


Chiffchaffs (c) Steve Stansfield
Spotted Flycatcher (c) Steve Stansfield
Stonechat (c) Steve Stansfield
Albino Wheatear (c) Ben Porter
Normal Wheatear (c) Ben Porter
Kestrel (c) Ben Porter
Linnets continue to make use of the sunflower heads (c) Ben Porter

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  1. Very similar Leucistic Wheatear seen and photographed in NI today