Sunday, 26 December 2010

After enjoying the previous week’s cool conditions and many birds trickling in, the weather finally broke; a fresh southerly wind accompanied with fine drizzle in the afternoon made for a miserable day. Few birds were seen, with the majority around the narrows: a Ringed Plover, three Golden Plovers, a Grey Plover, eighteen Lapwings and three Dunlins fed on the beaches whilst a substantial feeding flock of gulls had built up in Solfach. This flock consisted of: 75 Black headed Gulls, twenty one Common Gulls, four Lesser black backed Gulls, 360 Herring Gulls and sixteen Kittiwakes. Whilst the Skylark flock has decreased to seventy five individuals at nant, Snipe are still around in numbers; 132 were seen with thirty four Woodcocks scattered elsewhere.

A Grey Plover and a couple Dunlins fed on Solfach.
Common Gulls(top), Black headed Gulls(middle) and Herring Gulls(bottom two) fed in the curling waves. Pictures (c) Ben Porter

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