Saturday, 8 January 2011

The wind swung around to the north-west and kept the temperatures just above zero. The highlight of the day was a Water Pipit seen on the north end in the afternoon. Other than this, the majority of the day’s birds were seen on Solfach or Henllwyn. The totals seen either on the beach or at sea came to: five Fulmars, a Gannet, one Teal, two Wigeons, two Ringed Plovers, 21 Black headed Gulls, eight Common Gulls, 370 Herring Gulls, two Lesser black backed Gulls, eight Greater black backed Gulls and seven Kittiwakes.

Water Pipit.
 Ring Plovers.
 Common Gulls(upper) and Greater black backed Gulls(lower) fed alongside Herring and Black headed Gulls in Solfach at high tide.
The standing flock of twenty two Mallards continue to draw in other species of ducks. Pictures (c) Ben Porter

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