Saturday, 11 June 2011

Despite June formally being a month of scarcities and rarities, this year, June has heralded nothing of any note at all on the island. Today continued this quiet pattern, with very few different species occurring. Ten Collard Doves flew around the island’s gardens, whilst six Ringed Plovers, a Dunlin, a Turnstone and five Curlews were around the narrows. A male Blackcap was again singing at nant, and the usual Buzzard hunted above Ty Pellaf.

Collard Dove (top), Buzzard and Carrion Crow (second down), Skylark (third down) and a juvenile Wheatear (lower).

Despite the calm weather, no Clearwings were around the coast, although a Ruby Tiger was found on the top of the mountain, and the usual scattering of micro moths included: an Anthophila fabriciana, one Glyphipterix fuscoviridella, two Glyphipterix thrasonella (first for the year-above), four Argyresthia sorbiella, 58 Argyresthia spinosella, one Coleophora alticolella, seven Celypha cespitana, one Hedya pruniana, one Orthotaenia undulana, 105 Bactra lancealana, nine Cydia ulicetana, 109 Chrysoteuchia culmella and eight Pempeliella dilutella.

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