Sunday, 1 June 2014

June started on a good note in the early hours, when a cracking Golden Oriole was flushed from the dense cover of the willows in Cristin Withy. The bird shot out of the withy and into Ty Pellaf Withy, before flying North along the west side, and then flying South as it gained height over The Narrows. This is the third Golden Oriole of the year so far, and is a different bird to the one last Monday based on plumage.

Elsewhere on the bird front, a brisk south-easterly wind and low cloud cover made it difficult to pick out migrants skulking in the depths of the gardens. A total of five Spotted Flycatchers were seen, and two Chiffchaffs were ringed, suggesting that a small arrival had taken place overnight. Five Sanderlings on Solfach midday was the highest total so far this year, and these were joined by three Dunlins and two Whimbrels.

Today's Golden Oriole.
The first Small Elephant Hawkmoth (left) and Poplar Hawkmoth (right) have been trapped at Cristin in the last few days.
Small Elephant Hawkmoth

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